17 Second Video From Yesterday’s Flight

As a last minute thought, I set up my secondary camera, a Canon G-12, on a suction cup mount inside my airplane to take videos. (Inspired to some extent by Mike Radomsky.) I have extra memory cards, so I decided to try to create a video montage across Canada using my spare camera and one of my spare memory cards. This is my first attempt. I notice that the video vibrates – obviously from the suction cup mount to my plexiglass side window. I will keep experimenting. I may decide to live with the vibration, or I may work on hand holding the camera.

One caution to self: There’s lots of things going on all the time. Flying the airplane, for example. Add to that radio communications, navigation, takeoffs, landings, looking out for other airborne traffic, and monitoring the weather. My hands are full. Mounting the camera on the window is pretty simple. It is handy to my reach. I need only one hand to start and stop the video. I am thinking that fifteen second clips, spliced together when I get home, might be interesting.

Let’s call this a work in progress – cancelable at any time without prior notice.

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11 thoughts on “17 Second Video From Yesterday’s Flight

  1. Bonni Stratton

    This is too cool. Thanks Darryl for letting us all share the thrill of your journey.

  2. Looks great :-) The vibrating isn’t bad enough to detract from it.

  3. Barb

    Nice clip!

  4. Loving it all! We are nearly there with you!

  5. Mike Brown

    Let it vibrate, still great video. Thanks for sharing these with us Darryl!!!-

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with Suzanne, let it vibrate, not a distraction. Also, be safe.

  7. Charlie Borello

    Brings back memories before my eyes went south and I decided go give up flying. Just to be safe I guess. Off to Mexico for a 9 day family vacation but I will try to keep up. Thanks for your effort in making this all happen for us on the ground


    • Darryl Swenson

      Good to hear from you, Charlie. Have a fun trip in Mexico. You’re doing great. I can just tell.

  8. Carol Merrifield

    There’s something about watching a video verses a photo that makes me realize more fully what you are experiencing from above as I watch from below. Love the photos, and videos too!

  9. Darryl,

    Terrific stuff – I enjoyed the clip. Thanks!

    – M.

  10. Suzanne Morrone

    Usually I get motion sickness if there is too much camera movement. But I say let it vibrate (it didn’t bother me in this short version) and be safe. That’s what counts.

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